Who was Gianni Versace

Whenever we think about high profile fashion we think about Gianni Versace, but who’s Gianni Versace? He was one of the most influential fashion designer from the 20 th century. He designed fashion for celebrities like Princess Diana , the singer sir Elton John and the pop star singer Madonna and many other celebrities.

Gianni Versace was born in southern Italy but start his career in fashion in Milan, Italy’s fashion capital. It took 6 years of freelancing for most renowned designers in Italy to launch his first line of clothing in 1978. Versace made his name through the different use of bold colors, patterns and unconventional materials.

His designs were often controversial because of the necklines revealing too much.

He became friend of many celebrities whom he designed exclusively in order to circulate his name brand and to create a demand for his designs. He understood how celebrities had a way to influence people on fashion and make his designs more wishable.

In 1997 Versace was shot and killed in front of his mansion in Miami. but at the present it’s unknown the reasons of his death, he was mourned by dozens of celebrities inclusive princess Diana who a month later past away in a tragic accident.