Fashion American Culture

Not long ago, in American society man used suit not only at work but at school as well on a daily base and woman used long dresses, which was more formal. It’s interesting, around us there is a sea of different outfits, you may even see similar articles used by different people, but rarely you find two pairs of same article similar.

In the year of 1990 this trend had a drastic shift, the American society used to dress to show their wealthness, and in the year of 1900 fashion was taken to a whole new level, people started to dress in a more casual way.

The shift was tremendous, today at the campuses we can see students attend classes on sweatpants and at silicone Valley, at big corporations you will find people on T- Shirts and hoodies. The change how American society dresses has been lingering since 1920’s.

Often we heard somebody critizes someone for the fashion choice someone has made, the bottom line is, even those who dress totally different and are criticzed as anti fashion are expressing their way to see culture and history in a society, it’s their choice of individuality and way to represent themselves in a more casual fashion today.