When Fashion Began?

Fashion started when human being began wearing clothing, this happened around 100,000 to 500.000 years ago. “Clothing stablished social status and individuality”.

At these time clothing use to be made from plants, bones, animal skins etc…, yeah! You can already imagine, how they sew together those furs and all the complicated attires, with needles of course and, the human being has proved to be so intelligent that they created the needles out of bones.

For the cold weather the use of fur was mandatory and more of a necessity. Some say the first clothing ever made was a tunic, a clothing made of two rectangular parts sewn together. High Fashion trend was created and dictated by the Kings and Queens on their kingdoms.

One of the cities that became a hub of the fashion for the West was Paris. However, on the 20 th century musicians and movie stars had more impact on what people wore, some world leaders still had a way to influence people on the fashion scene.

For instance, during 1960’s women use to stylish their hair the same way the Jackelyn Kennedy, another that was seen as an icon of the fashion was the late princess Diana from Wales, nowadays, the one seen as a fashion icon from whole world is the wife of Prince Willian, kate middlestone.