5 Tips to Take Care of your Hair at Home

Here are some tips to keep your hair healthier and beautiful at home without spending hours in the hair salon.

Take care of the hair at home is not any mystery anymore, with the increase of use of technologies and appropriate products treat the hair at home is more frequently today and, more women are changing the long hours of a hair salon to their own bathroom.

Below are 5 Tips to have a queen (diva) hair

1) Besides a strong tendency the use of ampoule is very helpful on the home treatment of the hair. To make it more efficient add liquid glycerin or honey.

2) Believe in some old advices from grandmas’ time. The use of a bathing cap and towels on a hair with cream speed up the hydration of the hair. Use it without to worry.

3) Never pass hydration mask on the root of the hair, this can block the pores and make your hair fall with the time.

4) Soaked hair doesn’t absorve well the product, when apply mask, ampoule or cream on the hair use a towel to take off the excess of water.

5) One of the secrets for a good hydration of the hair is a gloving (used by hair salon professionals) Apply the product strand by strand of hair from near the roots to the tips. (remember never on the root) massage well alternating hands strand by strand for awhile.

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