See How The Japaneses Unjam Ingrown Toenails, incredible

There are people that say that unjam a toenail is a very difficult and painfull task, isn’t it? Yeah ! but not for the Japaneses, they found an easy way to do this.

Everybody knows the task of unjam a toenail is one of the most difficult and painful. Generally, it’s not an easy task to unjam toenails, because the person that has it has to handle with a lot of pain to end the problem.

Besides be a faster way and less painful method of what we use to see. The japaneses found an easier way to unjam a toenail. See below the video with the easier and less painful method used by the Japaneses.

In the video we can see clear that the Japaneses use a little machine, which makes the process of unjam the toenail easier and less painful to do. See that each side of the little machine is tight to the sides of the nail and after right in the middle of it. If the nail is very ingrown it’s only necessary to wet it up and in few minutes it will be unjamed.

How to Avoid an Ingrown Toenails

Have an ingrown toenail is not an enjoyable thing to have, often the person deals with pain and monthly the problem returns, that may happens because you may not be treating the origen of the problem. See below some tips to avoid an ingrown toenail.

1- Cut the nails in square shape.
2- It’s ideal to polish the nails after cut them
3- Avoid get rid of the cuticles, they work as protection to avoid the ingrown toenail.
4- Do not use very tight shoes
5- Clean well the feet every day

Following all these steps you and you will avoid to have an ingrown toenail, which is a problem of millions of people. In case the problem do not end it’s recommended to see an specialist. The little machine used by the Japaneses will help you avoid a lot of pain when dealing with an unjamming of an ingrown toenail. Therefore, take good care of your feet, have good hygiene and don’t forget, do not use tight shoes.

Where to buy your tool set for the ingrown toenail?

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